Roofing Contractors Association of South Florida

Roofing Contractors
Association of South Florida

 Dedicated to professionalism, quality & education

RCASF: South Florida Association of Roofing Professionals – An Affiliate of FRSA

The purpose of RCASF is to foster and encourage a high standard of business ethics among members and to inform the general public of the importance of doing business with competent and ethical firms within the South Florida community.

“Miami-Dade Product Control sincerely appreciates the dedication and professionalism of the Roofing Contractors Association of South Florida. For those of us that serve the public interest, it is very important to have access to such an important group that brings together the best of the Roofing Industry in South Florida. The efforts and integrity of its members for our community as well as the Roofing Industry is a tremendous benefit to all of us who call South Florida home.”

- Jorge L. Acebo, Roofing Product Control Examiner Miami-Dade County Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources

2020 Executive Officers and Board Members

RCASF thanks John Chase, Chase Roofing, for his selfless service to the association and the roofing industry.  John served on the Board of Directors from 2012-2019.  John Chase served as President in 2014, 2017 & 2018.  Thank you John.

RCASF thanks Gene Fall, Certified Contracting Group, for his leadership and service on the RCASF Board of Directors from 2016-2019.  Gene remains active on the RCASF Fishing Tournament Committee as the Chairman. Thank you, Gene, for your service to the association.

RCASF welcomes Tamara Chase, Chase Roofing, as a new Board Member in 2020.  Thanks for your participation Tamara!

2020 Election Results:  

Executive Officers

  • President:  Mick Cronje, Bob Hilson & Co.
  • Vice President: Lyle Jacobs, Certified Contracting Group
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Rob Foote, Frank H. Furman, Inc.

Board Members:

  • Ray Padron, Latite Roofing
  • Paulo Souza, PSI Roofing  
  • Barry Birenbaum, ABC Supply
  • Claudia Abbona, GAF
  • Luke Turner, The Cadamar Group
  • Tamara Chase, Chase Roofing

All the Help You Need, Under One Roof

RCASF is a Dade and Broward-based association of roofing contractors and affiliate companies. We are a not-for-profit association that aims to be a resource for the public to choose a reputable contractor. Our contractors are all licensed and insured; they are among the best in the industry.   Additionally, RCASF endeavors to provide our members with educational tools to advance their knowledge base.

Meet Licensed Roofers

We have your back, whether you need roofing materials or want to enlist certified roof installers. Our organization only works with trusted companies. With our help, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’ll be working with experienced individuals.