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Hurricane Dorian Bahamas Relief Effort
#RCASFTarpsThe Bahama

RCASF is working closely with Channel 4’s Neighbors4Neighbors to fill an immediate need for shelter in the Bahamas. 

Most are aware that relief efforts are being mobilized. The challenges that many face are the distribution of items if and when they arrive in the Bahamas. We’ve heard of items that are being warehoused and then re-sold for profit by unscrupulous organizations. We’ve been told of vessels being turned away due to limited access.

Lynne Cameron and Channel 4 have secured a freight forwarder that will ferry items to a reserved cargo space in the Bahamas. They have contacts that will escort the goods and ensure distribution to the needy. They have been running vessels with varying supplies since the disaster and assessing needs constantly. 

THE IMMEDIATE NEED IS FOR TARPS. The next ferry will run next Thursday, September 12th!

We are working with local distribution members to secure the tarps and we are asking for your help! Any financial contributions can be made by clicking the 'donate button" above.  

Thank you-